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Ethel is a fully automated brand monitoring tool

Ethel utilizes an elegant search engine, with embedded natural language processing functionality, to report on current events.

It can be used as a modern version of NPS (net promoter score) that allows marketing and communications teams of any organization to track, in real time, the sentiment and noise around its brand, key people and key phrases against its competitors.

It tracks both the sentiment and the noise over time, allowing it to be measured against other metrics of interest.

Ethel includes:

01 / The number of mentions (Noise Index) in real time

02 / Sentiment (Ethel Index) in real time

03 / Mainstream digital media from publicly available sources spanning from 2005 – today. The archive includes over 12.8 million articles.

Ethel is always on and tracks in real time, picking up every mention; not just the people you ask.

Why Ethel?


Helping to understand how is your brand perceived

We track a brand Ethel Index over time to measure whether the client is viewed positively or negatively.

Is your brand being heard?

We track noise over time.


Compare against others

We can compare a brand’s Ethel Index against its competitors to see how well they are doing in their marketplace.

Brand attribute/phrase

We can track the Ethel Index of a term. This could be used to understand how a brand attribute is perceived. How innovative is your brand?


Popularity of people and places

We can track the Ethel Index as it relates to places and/or people. How popular is the current Prime Minister? How is the Far North perceived?

The Ethel Index Effect

We can examine the effect of the Ethel Index on churn, tourism numbers, or any other part of the business.