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A data-driven New Zealand specific segmentation tool.

DOT recognised there was a gap in New Zealand based segmentation offerings. While there were many persona and segmentation products available, these were not built to evolve as customers do.

Segmomento allows companies to create segments based on dynamic data. Existing customer data combined with data collated by DOT products, ensures every customer is tagged and placed in one of 25 socio-economic segments.

Data-built customer segments, that change as your customers change.

Because Segmomento data is regularly updated, customers can move between segments and DOT can ensure the segment they are in most likely reflects the life stage and behaviour they are currently displaying, not the behaviour of a few years ago. Importantly, the data is spread across the entire population, not just the existing customer database.

DOT saw a need for a model that included:

01 / Up-to-date, real-time customer data

02 / Demographic and behavioural data

03 / The ability to show changes in the make-up of New Zealand

04 / A way to be operationalised to drive decision making

Ensure the right message, goes to the right person, at the right time.

Why Segmomento?


Prediction of behaviour

Highly informative insights based on the actual behaviour and socio-economic status of a region, area unit or meshblock. All customers are robustly tagged to a segment.

Near real-time insights

Updated against a customer’s database, within their environment via an API either monthly or quarterly, to inform business decision making.

Who to go after

Used to describe the types of customers that should be acquired, and explain how a business can acquire more of these customers.

Can be operationalised

The ability to be deployed and operationalised in a client environment using either a secure batch process or via an API. This allows us to inform real-time up-sell, cross-sell or acquisition activity, often by way of targeted digital marketing.