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More data, more dynamic, more unique than ever before.

Us is a truly unique customer segmentation tool that reveals New Zealand's changing population and behaviours, almost as they happen.

Dynamic data sources and refined geographic modelling have revealed 16 segments within New Zealand's population. The segments are structured within a grid system that describes their relative urbanality and deprivation levels and allows for future change, as New Zealand changes.

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Intelligent interface.

An interactive dashboard makes it easy to interrogate the segments. Quickly compare the defining features of each segment to understand what makes them unique.

Use bespoke indices – such as the Green, Deprivation, Luxuries and Urbanality index – to gain specific insights, thanks to more dynamic data sets than ever before. DOT is working on additional indices to make this experience as rich as possible.


Operationalise findings.

Us segmentation can be used to improve customer acquisition and target audience communication through media buying. Alternatively, overlay Us to enrich existing data alongside customer and audience experience. DOT's media buying partners are Eyeota and

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