DOT loves joining the dots to help organisations win.

Raw data smarts matched with storytelling creates value that can be understood and actioned. We all come from one of these two worlds. Some of us are data scientists, some of us are creative storytellers. We build data products and undertake data service assignments globally. 

DOT loves cricket.

The MCG is not too big for the Blackcaps.
Below is a map of the 25 sixes hit by the Blackcaps in their Quarter Final and Semi Final.

Welcome to DOT

The storytelling data company. We create and market data products and undertake data service assignments across the globe.


At DOT we strive to make the complex world of data simple. Data, and data companies, have for too long drowned people in volume in order to sound smart. To us, the real smarts are to make and express data in the simplest way possible.


At DOT the only data we are interested in is the data that helps clients win. That to us is smart. Therefore, the products we create use the smartest data from any source we can get hold of and the smartest people from a variety of backgrounds provide the services.


People are attracted to beauty, so at DOT we strive to present data in the most beautiful possible way so that everyone can see, understand and get excited about data and get on with winning.

People are what make

DOT different.

We all come from one of two worlds. Some of us are data scientists, some of us are creative storytellers. The magic of DOT is in the collision between the two.

Dr. Paul Bracewell

Dr. Paul Bracewell is plenty accomplished; with award winning PhD research under his belt, numerous peer reviewed publications, as well as many years of growing and inspiring analytics professionals to solve business problems. It’s fair to say he’s the smartest guy we know. He leads the team that does all the slicing and dicing. He was most recently a General Manager at Dun and Bradstreet (600 employees). The rest of his CV is just as impressive.

Jason Wells

Jason has spent much of his professional career telling stories on behalf of ad agency Y&R. While there he led many of New Zealand’s most loved and trusted brands. Jason’s core ability is to glean insights, then turn ideas into action.

Mike Brough

Mike bridges the worlds of digital, data and marketing. He started his professional career with Accenture in New Zealand and London before working with Kiwibank and the New Zealand Post Group in a variety of General Management positions.

Matt West

Matt is a marketer/advertiser with a varied career to date. Time with Saatchi & Saatchi in New Zealand, then in Hong Kong leading the adidas account for Asia Pacific. He flicked to marketing, with a pyjama company in the UK, a health technology company in the Middle East and a Nike distribution company here in New Zealand.

Carlos Constable
Design Director

Carlos is a master at making things beautiful. He owns a studio as well, so has an abundance of people, resources and enthusiasm for craft.

Tim McNamara
Data Engineer

Tim is New Zealand’s only Software Carpentry qualified instructor. Software Carpentry is a worldwide programme to improve software quality in science and engineering. He has been invited to deliver data science in both New Zealand and Australia.

Jo Lewis
Project Manager

Jo has a wonderfully rich path already. Her thirst for knowledge took her on a journey through landscape design, photography, fine arts and finally onto a Bachelor’s of Design. From there she launched into product design at Methven then onto designing for Icebreaker where it became apparent that she was also pretty damn good at managing entire projects. From New York shop fit outs to New Zealand office fit outs, Jo has done it all.

Jenny Stevenson
Data Engineer

Jenny has returned to the workforce after kicking off three family side-projects. She is an experienced programmer/analyst in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing having worked in both this great land of ours and the UK, covering banking Government, utilities, this list goes on.

Dr. Sam Rooney
Data Scientist

Dr. Sam is a scientist, experienced in using quantitative methods to solve complex problems. His PhD research in Physics pioneered applications of a quantitative description of quantum gases, leading to numerous peer-reviewed publications in leading journals. In other words....he’s bloody smart.

Ankit Patel
Data Scientist

Ankit is the inaugural recipient of the DOT loves data Doctoral Scholarship. He is investigating methods for evaluating the effectiveness of small sample rating systems, which are typical of sport and credit risk applications. With several peer-reviewed publications under his belt, Ankit is heavily involved in our R&D activity, particularly Turn Up.

Dr. Evan Blackie
Data Scientist

Dr. Evan Blackie is another of DOT’s Data Scientists. He has a PhD in Physical Chemistry, where he created a rigorous framework for accurately quantifying the key parameters for determining the impact of light scattering from reflected surfaces.  Now, with more than ten years commercial experience across a range of private and government organisations, he is well versed in applying novel and existing analytical algorithms into business environments.

Jordan Beauchamp
Data Engineer

Jordan wouldn’t be out of place nursing the engines of the Starship Enterprise. With a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Victoria University under his belt, Jordan looks after Horatio (our high performance Xeon-based computer cluster). When the engine needs to go faster, we call on Jordan.

Patrick Brown
Analytics Intern

The star runner of the team, Patrick is undertaking a Master’s degree in Statistics at Victoria University. With a couple of peer-reviewed publications under his belt already, Pat is delving into the use of survival analysis and its role in churn and rating systems. If you come to the office, you can meet Patty.

Dr. Wynton Moore
Data Scientist

Wynton’s not one to blow his own trumpet, although he does play the bagpipes. As a Fulbright Scholar, he successfully completed his PhD in theoretical physics at University of Chicago. More importantly, he has deep expertise in algebra and decomposition of multidimensional space. Very handy when we are trying to optimally stack the dishwasher.

Dr. Adam Ward
Data Scientist

Adam is a heavy hitter we’ve enticed from Auckland. This reputation was earned as captain of the University of Nottingham boxing team. More importantly, with commercial experience at AirNZ and a PhD in Mathematics earned from Massey University, Adam’s applying his knowledge in algebra and Monte-Carlo simulations to enhance a number of our data-driven products.

Emma Campbell
Analytics Intern

Emma is undertaking a Bachelor of Science at Victoria University, majoring in statistics, with a few computer science and design papers thrown in for good measure. Emma is assisting with product development.

Our Clients

DOT works globally with many large brands and blue chip companies across a variety of industries including Banking & Finance, Property, Utilities, Professional Sport, Government, Marketing & Advertising and Recruitment.