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We build data products. We’re a mix of data scientists, data engineers and marketers. We keep things simple, smart and beautiful and that can be the difference between winning and losing.

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Unique segmentation for today's New Zealand

Finally, a dynamic, interactive customer segmentation tool that reveals New Zealand’s changing population and behaviours.

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DOT Product


The easiest way to access the latest data aggregated from Dot Loves Data

DotDotDash is a collection of interactive and dynamic dashboards providing up-to-date and aggregated data on how communities across New Zealand are performing and changing overtime.

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DOT Product


A fully automated brand monitoring tool

Know what is being said about both you and your competition. Find out whether it’s nice or not, who's saying it and how important they are to your brand.

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DOT Product

Dynamic Deprivation Index

Win by understanding communities

The Dynamic Deprivation Index (DDI) measures socio-economic deprivation in near real-time.

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DOT Service

DOT Services

We're problem solvers at heart

Whether it be developing a specific metric or index, reviewing multiple datasets to form actionable insights, or creating unique models to inform future opportunity. These may be one-off problems, or ongoing relationships.

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DOT Product


Helping businesses grow faster through improved targeting

Identifying where businesses are winning and losing and finding the next businesses to target.

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DOT Product

The Hound

A text mining tool, built for the country you live in

The Hound sniffs through raw text, gives it a structure and serves it up to be used for better decision making. Every organisation holds raw text data sets. The Hound figures out how to make them useful in a simple, efficient way.

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DOT Product

DOT Sport

Helping teams and sports organisations win with data

For players, coaches, selectors and fans who want to know more about their players and opponents, DOT Sport delivers innovative, relatable, data-driven insights to create winning strategies. We go beyond traditional scouting reports and video analyses by applying cutting edge machine learning to minimise human bias and maximise use of big data.

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DOT Product

Turn Up

Maximise your profit, minimise your waste

Understand how many people will turn up to your next event, your attraction, your restaurant or your store/shop. By day, by season, by month or by year.

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DOT Product

Leaky Bucket

Stop the churn with data that counts

Leaky Bucket is a churn based product built on the different data sets DOT has, combined with the richness of our customers data.

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